Frequently Asked Questions

Where have the values come from?

The values were developed through engagement with over 350 staff between November 2019 and January 2020 and further refined and shaped by SMG before being agreed by SMG in March 2020. The values being shaped based on inputs from a large group of colleagues was intended to ensure they are a more enduring representation of the organisational values we want to live and work by.

Other work in response to the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 necessitated a pause to rolling these out across the institution. As the launch of the University strategy was similarly delayed, and the purpose and values are complementary to the strategy content, it made sense to launch both together, which we did in Spring 2021.

Are the values the same for everyone?

Yes, we’re all striving towards the same goal as a University, so just as our strategy is relevant to everyone, the values are too. Of course, different parts of the institution may adopt and apply these in their own way, but the core values remain the same.

What is different about these values?

Feedback from colleagues suggested that in practice, our previous values weren’t consistently defined and consequently were often interpreted in different ways across the institution. Colleagues also reported that it was difficult to identify behavioural exemplars for our values, which challenged our ability to live them in practice.  

To support their use, these new values have been defined in a greater level of detail and are planned to be applied consistently across our ways of working (such as in our objective-setting and decision-making). They also come with examples of behaviour you would expect to see when this value is being lived in practice, which aims to address the challenge of different interpretations. 

Will we change values with every new strategy?

No, the intention is that these values will endure beyond the 2025 end point of the current University strategy.