What does an Inclusive Community look like in practice?

An Inclusive Community behaviours - Everyone

Group of people with a green background

  • I am always respectful of the backgrounds, opinions and differences of others
  • I am aware of my approach and adapt it to suit different people and circumstances, according to their preferred style
  • I communicate information clearly and accurately using a variety of channels
  • I support colleagues in difficulty
  • I consider the wider impact of my decisions and actions
  • I take an interest in the work of other parts of the University, and how this relates to my own role
  • I understand how my role supports achievement of University strategy

An Inclusive Community behaviours - Managers

Organogram on a green background

  • I always treat colleagues with respect and value other’s opinions 
  • I recognise where there is a need to compromise
  • I run productive and constructive team meetings where everyone is given an opportunity to get involved
  • I am open and honest with my team, and deliver difficult messages in an appropriate manner 
  • I value other’s views and take on-board differing opinions
  • I publicise what has been achieved and give praise where it is due
  • I form effective partnerships working collaboratively across the Institution

An Inclusive Community behaviours - Senior leaders

Three people sat at a table on a green background


  • I think beyond the needs of my specialist area
  • I encourage open dialogue through openness and inclusivity
  • I create a culture which places high value on collaboration and teamwork
  • I build cohesive, formal and informal teams and networks which deliver significant value
  • I appreciate that others may view people and their environment differently
  • I take a collaborative and consultative approach seeking input from others in the decision-making process


What does an Inclusive Community look like at the University of Glasgow?