What do Integrity and Truth look like in practice?

Integrity and Truth behaviours - Everyone

A group of people with a purple background

  • I keep my promises and do what I say I’ll do
  • I’m on time or apologise in good time when I know I may be late
  • I look after my working space, university property entrusted to me and the wider university environment
  • I take responsibility for and learn from my mistakes
  • I treat everyone with openness, honesty, respect and compassion – the way I would want to be treated myself
  • I offer feedback with candour and compassion

Integrity and Truth behaviours - Managers

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  • I take ownership for tasks whilst trusting others to deliver their own responsibilities
  • I set and role model clear behavioural standards for my team
  • I always treat colleagues with respect and value other’s opinions
  • I take ownership of my actions and decisions
  • I call out behaviours that are not in line with our values and support others to do the same
  • I build trust by drawing on individual strengths of colleagues

Integrity and Truth behaviours - Senior leaders

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  • I empower people by giving them responsibility and space to make their own decisions 
  • I take account of the wider impact of my decisions and actions 
  • I take ownership of problems 
  • I build trust by drawing on individual strengths of colleagues 


What does Integrity and Truth look like at the University of Glasgow?